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ATTENTION: Rogue Dealer

All Rally/Fair/Fete organisers please note:

We have been contacted by an organiser from Desertmartin Vintage Rally held on the 3rd Saturday in August. Within the rally there is a car-boot and stalls. This year they had a man (supposedly from Wexford) who arrived around 9.30. He was offering to take photographs of tractors, cars etc and put the image onto mugs.

The charge for this was £10 and the mugs could be collected at 2.00 p.m. After taking an unknown number of orders the dealer made an exit of the site at 1.30p.m. taking money with him and not providing any mugs. 

Please warn other rallies about this as he will possibly strike again

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in August
Created by David Heatley updated 26th AUGUST 2015